Marion Square | Charleston, SC


Ready to pick up where we left off in my last post about King Street? Marion Square is situated along King Street in Downtown Charleston. We walked through Marion Square the night we came to Charleston and the next morning to get pictures. It was really pretty at night, which you can see here. There was a market in the morning, which was a fun surprise to walk through. After walking around Marion Square and back home on King Street, we walked around Battery Park and had brunch at Hominy Grill before hitting the road again. marionsq1 marionsq2 marionsq4 marionsq8 marionsq5 marionsq7 marionsq6

See that light pink castle-like building? That’s a hotel! I asked a security guard outside the building what it was and we had a chat about how expensive it is to stay at the hotel. Chase and I ended up staying at a great AirBnB that was really close to King Street. It was in walking distance of everything on King and several amenities close by. I would highly recommend staying NotSo Hostel if you visit Charleston! We stayed both nights at the Annex location. Tomorrow I’ll share pictures from our visit to Battery Park, one of my favorite places in Charleston.

Have a great Wednesday!


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