King Street | Charleston, SC

kingstreetAre you ready to see some vacation photos? Well, get ready because I have a ton! Chase and I drove to Florida for Christmas to spend time with family. It’s possible to drive to Melbourne in a whole day (it’s 16 hours from Columbus, OH to Melbourne, FL) and we’ve done it twice. But it’s kind of miserable to do so, and the last time I got really sick. It’s much easier to stop the night somewhere in the middle and we wanted to stay somewhere new this time, so we picked Charleston! We actually stayed in Charleston on our drive there and back! So, I have a plethora of posts to share! First up is King Street! King Street is the “Main Street” of Downtown Charleston. kingst3 kingst4 kingst1 kingst2 kingst8 kingst5 kingst7 kingst6We got most of our recommendations on where to eat & explore from someone I went to high school with who goes to College of Charleston. I’m so glad I asked for her advice because it was really helpful on our trips. When we arrived the first Saturday, we had dinner at Five Loaves Cafe. Following dinner, we stopped at a couple places for drinks. We had a drink at Stars to see the rooftop patio and then enjoyed another drink at Warehouse. We ended our night at Parlor Deluxe for waffles & ice cream (stay tuned for a Foodie Friday post on Charleston goodies!). The next morning after we got coffee & a treat from Brown’s Court Bakery, we walked back to King Street to take photos. It was a beautiful and somewhat chilly morning. We stumbled upon a market in Marion Square while walking King Street and walked through it. Since I took so many photos in Marion Square, my next post will feature those photos and continue the narrative of our time in Charleston!  I enjoyed walking down King Street! It was interesting to see the different types of architecture in the downtown and the different uses of storefronts. The pink church was one of my favorite buildings on King Street. Stay tuned for more Charleston posts this week!

Enjoy your Tuesday!


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