January Goals

Time to talk about my goals for January! If you missed this post, I decided that I am going to start posting monthly goals. So here are the things I am going to focus on in January!


1. Closet purge. The amount of clothes in my closet is actually causing me stress. The stress started about a month ago when I was getting ready for church and couldn’t find my favorite pair of black tights. I was running late and all the clothes on the floor of my closet and in the laundry baskets sent me into a small anxiety attack.   I plan to sort the clothes I don’t love anymore into things that can be donated and sold. I want to try to sell some clothes on Poshmark. I actually started going through my closet already and made a decent dent!

2. Spend time focusing on a new blog design. I mentioned this in my Blog Goals for 2016, but I really want to focus on it this month. I have already played around a little bit with the design and I made another button (see above). I want to give my blog a fresh new look for the new year!

3. Make time for professional development. I’ll be taking a professional development class this semester and it should help me prepare for the next steps in my career. I want to prioritize this in January because I know it will be easier to do so earlier in the semester than later.

4. Confirm spring break plans. I have a couple options floating around for spring break, but I need to decide this month what I am doing. I  am considering applying for a service trip sponsored by OSU. That would present some options to go somewhere new and have a new experience since I have never done a service trip before. I am also considering going to the Urban Affairs Association conference in San Diego. I have never been to California and I think the conference looks pretty interesting! I have talked with a couple planning friends about going, so we’ll see if that happens!

5. Start reading the Bible again. In high school, I was really good about reading it, but I have struggled in college. I read the entire New Testament in high school and I think I should start re-reading it. I think this will help my faith journey and make me grow in my faith this year.

So those are my goals for January! I’ll be linking up with Nicole at Writes Like a Girl and some other bloggers! Did you make goals for January? Have a great start to your week!


5 thoughts on “January Goals

  1. These are great goals!

    I am also working on reducing my closet. I decided to take a quick photo of my outfit each day to collect data to better understand what I really wear the most and what pieces in my closet reflect my current style. Hopefully we can both reduce our closets this year!

    Good luck in your goals! I am excited to have found your blog through the link-up and plan to read more of your posts.


    1. Thank you, Sarah! You also have some great goals. That’s a great idea to take a picture of what you are wearing daily. I have a weird memory when it comes to clothes, so I can remember most outfits and how often I use them haha. I started going through my closet with my boyfriend, which was super helpful. It was nice to have someone there to tell it how it is and say “you never wear that.” Thanks, I’ll be reading yours, too 🙂
      -Ashley Marie | The Vintage Urbanite

  2. These are all fantastic goals! (I’m here from Nicole’ss blog!) I have some similar ones — the closet cleanout, for me, is finally listing clothing to sell now that I’ve purged, and I also need to start reading my Bible again although that’s not on my list (I forgot, sigh). I hope you’re successful! And having a new blog look is super exciting; I am working on that this month, too!

    1. Thank you, Kristina! I actually read your blog regularly, so I feel flattered that you found mine and commented 🙂 You have some great goals – yay for the no pants! I gave up wearing pants and celebrated a year without pants in October! I still haven’t worn them even though I planned to start. Good luck to you!
      -Ashley Marie | The Vintage Urbanite

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