Check-Up with 2015 Resolutions

The end of the year is approaching faster than I would like to think! That means I should check-up on the resolutions I made for myself in 2015 and see how I actually did on them.

1. Experiment more with fashion.  I would say check! Going without pants for a year definitely allowed me to experiment. I feel that I have even been experimenting more as of recently with trying to mix and match my wardrobe. I think 2015 was definitely a strong year for my personal fashion. I’m happy that this blog helped me grow my fashion.


2. Be more confident in my voice: public speaking & singing. Yes! As I said in this post, I had to give a lot of presentations in my last full week of the semester and they went pretty well. I feel confident about presenting for class and in general with city planning. I also started singing in the church worship band!!! Half-way through the year I was thinking to myself how I was going to accomplish this resolution, then Chase and I found Stone Village! I love Stone Village and it is one of the greatest things that happened in 2015. I have been singing with the worship band once or twice a month. The last Sunday I sang I almost cried during one of the songs because I felt close to the Lord and I was so happy to be singing again.

3. Network a lot. I would also say yes to this! I think going to the American Planning Association’s National Conference in Seattle, Washington this April really helped that (even though the networking was exhausting). I definitely could have networked my blog more and that is a hope for 2016. I did have my first collaboration and that was pretty cool!


4. Write & Read often. Kinda! I read two books for school that I really enjoyed! That doesn’t sound too impressive, but I had got out of reading actual books since graduating high school. I read Gang Leader for a Day and There Are No Children Here. For the most part, I still read most things online. I read a ton of blogs (I plan to do a post about that soon). I also read articles shared on Facebook and on City Lab.

5. Try new things. Yes? I know I tried some new foods. I also got to do some traveling that I enjoyed.  I visited some new cities this year like Clemson, Johnson City, Charleston, Key West, Sebastian Inlet, Seattle, Louisville, and Pittsburgh! I even went camping with some friends and hiking with Chase! I have been hiking and camping before, but I hadn’t done either in a long time. Plus, I turned 21 and that opened a whole new world of drinks to try!


Extras – Cook & Declutter. Kinda… I definitely cooked more this year. I was really good at cooking meals for myself over the summer. I kinda got out of it  this past semester because I had two evening classes four times a week. The decluttering is an ongoing thing…I definitely need to tackle more over break and in the next year. I’m hoping to go through my clothes soon and get rid of a bunch of stuff because my closet situation is stressing me out more than it should.

I’m finalizing my resolutions for 2016 and will share them soon! How did your resolutions for 2015 go?


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