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Short North Pole

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Earlier this week I went to finish up my Christmas shopping with a friend in the Short North! It was an absolutely beautiful day in Columbus and it was so nice to catch up with my friend and do some local shopping. I realized before we left that I had never published a post just about the Short North, one of the biggest highlights in Columbus! Most of the time I go to the Short North it is in the evening, so it’s too dark and crowded to take photos. Over the holiday season the Short North becomes the Short North Pole (even though it sure doesn’t look or feel like the holiday season currently because of the nice weather!). The monthly Gallery Hop is turned into the Holiday Hop the first Saturday of December, that I attended this year with Chase.The Short North has a lot of a great local shops. A couple of my favorites are Tigertree, A Gal Named Cinda Lou (which is sadly leaving the Short North in the end of December, but there is a Downtown Westerville location!), Happy Go Lucky Her/Home, Flower Child Vintage, Glean, and Red Giraffe Designs.

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And if you’re not from Columbus, the Short North has a really interesting history (read more about it here). It wasn’t always a nice area and the name “Short North” was actually a police code for the area, but with the revitalization efforts of the SID and the rest of the community, the area is now one of the most lively neighborhoods in Columbus. It’s home to 17 arches the give the neighborhood a unique sense of identify and character. Not only does the Short North have tons of great local shops, but it also has art galleries, restaurants, and bars. If you’re in Columbus, the Short North is a must see destination!

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