What I Wore — Remix with Glasses

shortnorthpole 059Did you know that I wear glasses? I don’t wear them all the time – they mainly help me see better at night when driving. I thought it would fun to feature them in an outfit post for once. I’m also not wearing any eye make-up because I have a stupid stye (TMI, right?).  I blame finals because something always goes wrong with my health during finals. It hurts a ton and I hope it goes away soon.

shortnorthpole 056 shortnorthpole 046 shortnorthpole 048 shortnorthpole 050 shortnorthpole 032 shortnorthpole 040 shortnorthpole 051Sweater: Hand-me-down ~ Dress: Second Chance (originally from Target) ~ Necklace: World Market ~ Booties: Macy’s

Now that you have heard about my gross eye problem, time for the outfit details! This is a remix because I have worn this dress and this sweater before on the blog! The sweater was featured in this outfit post from a trip to Yellow Springs and the dress was featured in this holiday outfit post and this one.  This outfit reminds me of one of my favorite outfits that you can see here. I’ve worn this outfit a couple times already and I like how cozy it is. It was really warm on this day, so I ended up changing out of my tights. It has been so warm in Ohio for the middle of December! I’ve also been wearing these boots so much since I got them. Also, hooray because I took my own outfit pictures! Recently, I’ve been loving the “Toy Camera 2” filter on my camera, but if you want to see an unfiltered, close-up check out this selfie on Instagram.

Have a great Thursday!


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