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Life Lately: December

Hello again! Things have been crazy on my end since my last post. The semester is finally wrapping up. Last week was particularly insane. I had three presentations and a final proposal for my research thesis due at the end of the week. Hopefully this ins’t too boring, but I thought I would share some things going on in my life lately related to school!

My first presentation was on religious tolerance and city planning for my social justice planning class. Someone had sent me this article and asked about the role urban planners have in religious institutions and structures, which I had never studied so I took it on as a research topic! There was actually a lot of research on the topic, which surprised me. I still have a paper due for that class due this week.

crpsaparty 002

My second presentation was for my research thesis. We presented for some of the faculty in my school and PhD candidates on our general ideas. It was one of my more difficult presentations because of the critical feedback, but it was beneficial in the end. It feels good to have the proposal done and to be one step closer to finishing the research. I’ll be working on it next semester (and probably this winter break to get my research approved). So what am I researching? I’m interesting to see if where someone grew up influences how they feel in rural and urban environments.

For my last presentation, I had to travel to Fostoria again to help give our final presentation to the client.  We finished up our downtown plan early in the week (with some complications, but we got it done!). I helped assemble a list of funding options for the recommendations and did some of the editing. Myself and another classmate gave the presentation, which was a little nerve-wracking. I think the presentation went well and they liked our ideas. I’m excited to see the changes they take over the coming years and I plan on going back to see them. Here is the post I did about their downtown.

crpsaparty 023

So those are the things that have been occupying my time! I just have two papers to turn in and I’ll be one semester away form graduating! Also, I attended my first holiday party of the season on Saturday. The party was hosted my the city planning club that I am involved in. My friends and I took a walk at the Columbus Commons during the party. It has been absolutely beautiful here in Columbus! It was in the 60s most of the weekend, which is pretty crazy for December in Ohio. The photos above are from our walking through the Commons. If you want to see more holiday lights of Downtown Columbus, I published two posts on the Columbus Commons & Scioto Mile last year during the holiday season.  I’m hoping with school winding down, I’ll get back to regular posting! Have a great week!


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