Snapshots of Tarpy Woods

tarpy 103As I mentioned in What I Wore — Navy & Brown, Chase & I took a little adventure while taking some outfit pictures in Tarpy Woods. The wooded area has changed a lot since I have graduated from high school. The clearing where the bench sits used to be full with greenery that has  been cleared. The openness is nice because the area does not feel as eerie as it did before. I used to think the space was kind of secretive. It was common when I would go to Tarpy that I would not see anyone else, which would again give off an eerie feel, but it was also nice to have a quiet and secluded place to go. We did run into a couple people as we walked around and took pictures.

tarpy 099 tarpy 100 tarpy 110 tarpy 119 tarpy 108 tarpy 121 tarpy 071

I can’t believe I managed to get that train shot! As we were on the tracks finishing up the pictures, we both started to hear the train coming. We couldn’t tell how close it was, but decided to head back to the woods to be on the safe side. Good thing because it arrived minutes later. We watched the train from about 20 feet away and wished we would have put a penny down. Do you know anyone that would do that – place pennies on train tracks to get them flattened? The other shots of the train that I captured were too dark with the setting sun, but the shot of the front makes up for it. I’ll definitely be back to take some more pictures in Tarpy in the future.

Have a great start to your week! My life is going to be crazy these next few weeks with final presentations and reports, so wish me luck!


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