List of Thankfulness

Happy Thanksgiving! I’ll be spending my day with Chase and my family while getting some work done. We had a really nice Thanksgiving Eve service at my church, Stone Village, Wednesday night. We shared what we were thankful for during the service and it was great to hear what my community of faith is thankful for. I thought I could share a list of thankfulness, similar to how Emily from emmyjake has Happy Lists.

  • Finding Stone Village Church this summer
  • The ladies in my class/support group for my research thesis
  • My family, from blood to friends to furr-babies
  • Cozy German Village homes
  • The future my education allows
  • Chase & his wonderful family
  • My Columbus
  • Finding my personal style more & more
  • The people & the physical place of The Styling Nook
  • All the adventures: present, past, & future

Here is what I wrote for Thanksgiving last year if you are interested in reading that. Enjoy the day with whatever yours may be filled with!


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