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Traveling Toms Tuesdays | Roan Mountain, TN

roanmtn2 023

It’s been a while since my last Traveling Toms post, mid-August when I visited Johnson City, Tennessee. I had more photos from the Roan Mountain trip that I wanted to share and thought a Traveling Toms post was in order (see all other posts here). These photos were from when we were not at the cabin or hiking on the trails that I already posted about. We stopped at two places on our way down the mountain (pictured above and the four pictures below ). I love all of the colors we got to see! I’m definitely missing it now since it has been pretty chilly in Columbus the past few days and it seems as if Fall has ran its course.

roanmtn 291 roanmtn 268 roanmtn 297 roanmtn 277 roanmtn2 045roanmtn 306 roanmtn 307 roanmtn 304roanmtn 302

The last five photos were from the town of Roan Mountain. We didn’t do a lot of exploring around town because there wasn’t really any exploring to do. I asked Chase to stop in front of the beauty salon because every time we passed it I thought: “I should get a picture of that for my co-workers at the salon!” It appeared to be abandoned, like many other places in the area. One of the places I wished we would’ve stopped was an abandoned car place/gas station. It had an old car in front that would have been really fun to photograph. The unfamiliarity of the area and the abandonment of some places made me feel worried to stop anywhere too long to poke around not welcomed. We ended our first day of hiking by stopping in a pizza place near our cabin called Smoky Mountain Bakers. We shared the White Pizza and it was amazing. Both of the kitties hung out with us while we ate pizza. The black and white cat with the mustache was named Pierre and he sat with me most of the time that I ate. I always miss my kitties when I got on trips, so I love when I get to see some other cats, I was pretty surprised to find these two on the trip!

Now I have wrapped up my Roan Mountain trip on the blog! I hope you enjoyed hearing about my trip and have a great Tuesday!


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