Finding Hope in Terror & Heartache

I had been deciding if I want to write about this on the blog and I found the word to say it finally. The world has been a scary place recently. It probably has always been a place of multiple tragedies, but it seems much worse with mass media constantly reporting every big and small terror. Yet, some stories still continue to go unreported and overlooked by the media. I recently finished reading There Are No Children Here by  Alex Kotlowitz. The book is about two children growing up in the Henry Horner Homes (a housing project) in Chicago in the late 1900s. There are gang violence and homicides often, yet many of them go unreported. Most of the time Kotlowitz mentions that someone has died in or from the projects, he notes that the media does not report it.

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Sunday night I watched Trevor Noah’s Lost in Translation on Comedy Central with Chase. I never used to like Comedy Central or watching stand-up, but I have recently seen a couple bits of Trevor Noah’s segments on The Daily Show. He has so much material given the presidential elections approaching in a year and debate season, but also all of the chaos in the world. I was impressed by his stand-up show, Lost in Translation, because he found a way to talk about the controversial issues in the world in a funny, yet serious manner. He confronted racism and terrorism. Something he said from the show that really stood out for me was: “Terrorism is not a race, it’s an act.” I try not to be too political on my blog, but this an important conversation to be had. A religion or a race does not define someone who commits an attack. As a Christian, I want to be defined by what Jesus did and how He loves, rather than what other Christians do. Statements that all Muslims are terrorists and how refugees are not welcome in our state leave me feeling heartbroken, but also scared.

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I recently read an article on one of my favorite blog, Taylor Duvall. I can relate to her being a female millennial myself and she writes great stuff on womanhood, faith, and all other good stuff. The article was called “Fear is Not Allowed to Drive.” Go read it now! I posted it on my personal Facebook account after I read it because it seemed to give me so much clarity. It was one of those moments that I read just what I needed to hear. The article is also important in contributing to the conversation about the craziness. This conversation helps us understand and become united.  Last week, I Had trouble sleeping because I was fearful of attending the OSU game this past weekend because of the possibility of an attack on campus. I don’t want to be afraid of traveling or being in large public spaces because of a possible terrorism attack. We can’t let this fear fill us up and control us, or our nation and world. We need to love one another.

I think it’s important to remember when we scroll through our Facebook pages and watch the news that sometimes part of the story is missing, or even some stories continue to go unreported. Kotlowitz brings awareness to this idea in There Are No Children Here. Although, we should not let everything in the news and not in the news bring us fear. Trevor Noah allows us to laugh while starting the  conversation about the terror and heartbreak during his comedic performances. And Taylor’s post encourages us to not let fear take control of living our lives. We can move past this terror and heartache in the world; join the conversation to increase love!



3 thoughts on “Finding Hope in Terror & Heartache

  1. OH my goodness, thank you so much for the kindest, sweetest words!! Big hugs from me! I’d love to join right in that conversation and increase the love!!! *hugs*

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