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The Scioto Greenways


Hey guys! I apologize for unexpectedly taking last week off.  I needed a week to chill out because the week before was heavy with school work and extra things, plus I caught a nasty cold. I’m feeling better now and have some new content to share. This past weekend I visited the Scioto Greenways with Chase! The grand opening of the new green-space along the river was last week. It was pretty busy when we visited  on Sunday because it was an absolutely beautiful day – mid-60s and sunny for the middle of November is truly a blessing. Along with these photos, Chase also snapped some outfit pictures that will be up later this week.

sciotogreenways3 sciotogreenways5 sciotogreenways1 sciotogreenways2 sciotogreenways9 sciotogreenways6 sciotogreenways8 sciotogreenways7sciotogreenways10

How great are the deer statues? I love them! There are at least three of them scattered around the park. It has been great to see this area evolve over the past few years. I was lucky enough to meet one of the planners in charge of this project my first year at OSU, three years ago. It makes me so happy that we are  finally utilizing one of the assets that was overlooked before – the river – and now it looks really healthy. I am looking forward to seeing the growth of this area of Columbus in the coming years because of the investment in the greenways. Also, the large white building is the Ohio Judicial Center which I featured in this blog post, and here is a blog post I published last year with the Scioto Mile covered in holiday lights!

Have a great start to your week!


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