Monthly Recap

October 2015 Recap

Happy November, friends! October was a pretty great month for me. I got to go on a couple adventures, Louisville and Roan Mountain, plus I did lots of Fall things. I feel like I picked up the pace with blogging again in October, which makes me pretty happy. I’m hoping I can keep it going in November!

Favorite Blog Posts: I celebrated going one year without pants on October 8th and wrote a post about what I learned. ย I still haven’t worn pants, but I am planning to at some point. It’s hard for me to decide what my first outfit will be! Speaking of outfits, my favorite outfit post in October was What I Wore — Seafoam Green & White Dots. I already miss my purple locks and I’m thankful I photographed them when I did. I also loved sharing theย four posts about Roan Mountain with you all! Find them here, here, here, and here.

seafoamgreendots 004Favorite Instagram Posts:

octinsta1 octinsta2octinsta3 octinsta4Favorite Moments from October: trip to Louisville, trip to Roan Mountain, Renick’s Family Market, Fall & Halloween celebrationspumpkins 044

Exciting Things Happening in November: Thanksgiving break, OSU games

I don’t have a ton planned for November at the moment, but I think it will be a good month! I’ll have my Halloween post up for tomorrow!


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