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What I Wore — Pumpkin Patch

pumpkins 026As promised, here are the outfit photos that Chase snapped during our visit to Renick’s Family Market.  For the past couple weeks I felt like I didn’t have anything in my closet that really felt perfect for Fall. So to fix that I went thrifting last week and scored this dress! I had been wanting a swing dress after seeing it on some other bloggers that I follow when I found this and realized the colors make it perfect for Fall, I was sold! And it was like $4. I love it paired with this cardigan that I have been adding to all of my outfits recently. Since my pumpkin button earrings are hard to see in the photos, here is a link to them. I ordered them last year from Rachel O’s  on Etsy and I’m excited to bring them out again!

pumpkins 033 pumpkins 061
pumpkins 047 pumpkins 052 pumpkins 024 pumpkins 028 pumpkins 035Dress: thrifted ~ Cardigan: second-hand from a friend ~ Tights & Boots: Target ~ Purse: Flower Child ~ Necklace: my Halloween decorations  ~ Pumpkin Earrings: Rachel O’s Fabulous Whimsy 

Guys, I am so excited for Halloween! Chase and I finally figured out what we are dressing up as and what we are going to do for Halloween this week. I have to get some final things for our costumes today. I’ll keep it a secret for now because I’m hoping to get some pictures of our costumes. I really love all holidays, but Halloween is extra fun because we get to play dress up!

Have a great Halloween! 🙂


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