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Renick’s Family Market

pumpkins 006

This past weekend, Chase & I celebrated fall by visiting Renick’s Family Market! I had been wantingΒ to get myself a pumpkin and take photos in a pumpkin patch for most of October. We spent some time in Ashville (where Renick’s is located) a couple years ago when his mom lived there. Ashville is a great small town south of Columbus, right off of US 23. We don’t spend much time there anymore, so it was nice to go back and visit Renick’s. We had lunch, walked through the pumpkin patch, and then picked out pumpkin goodies and sweets!

pumpkins 003 pumpkins 011 pumpkins 018 pumpkins 019 pumpkins 023 pumpkins 058 pumpkins 057 pumpkins 044pumpkins 062

I ended up getting two white pumpkins, two medium orange pumpkins, one small orange pumpkin, and two gourds, plus cookies & sweet bread! I’m happy to support a local farm business in Ohio when I can.Β I had been looking forward to this trip for the past couple weeks when we planned to go. Chase and I didn’t go to a pumpkin patch last year, so we were definitely due for it this year. I have placed all of pumpkins and gourds around my house and plan to paint or draw on one of the larger pumpkins. I also got some outfit photos during this trip that I will be sharing tomorrow, so stay tuned for that!

Did you visit a pumpkin patch this year? Have a great Thursday!


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