Roan Mountain: Roan High Knob

roanmtn2 022

We spent the second day of hiking on the Roan High Knob path. As I mentioned before in my post about Round Bald (linked below), this path was pretty different from  our hike to the balds. The balds were very open and allow you to see far out into the distance. On the Roan High Knob path, the trees lined the way a majority of the time. To be honest, I didn’t like this path very much. I was paranoid the whole time that I would see a bear. I kind of wanted to see a bear to say I did and capture a photo, but I was also terrified of seeing one. You know that feeling? I was also hungry during most of the hike up, if you don’t know me, my hunger really impacts my overall personality. The trail was a continuous uphill that took a lot of energy to conquer. But we made it!

roanmtn2 002 roanmtn2 009 roanmtn2 011 roanmtn2 007 roanmtn2 020 roanmtn2 015We actually weren’t sure if we had made it the top at first because there was no clear post saying so like at the balds. We had a snack by the shelter house in the first photo when we arrived at the top.  I walked over to take pictures of the rocks, seen in the second from the bottom photo, when we found the marker the USGS marker saying that were had arrived at our destination.  The top wasn’t as satisfying as the balds because we couldn’t see out, but I’m happy we tried a different trail. The hike down was nice because it was downhill and we knew what we were getting into.

If you missed my other posts about the trip here are the posts about the cabin, Round Bald, and Jane Bald & Grassy Ridge Bald.  Have a great Tuesday!


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