Roan Mountain: Jane Bald & Grassy Ridge Bald

roanmtn 198I decided to group Jane Bald and Grassy Ridge Bald together because I didn’t take that many pictures when we were at the Grassy Ridge Bald. The wind at Grassy Ridge made us not want to stay long. Jane Bald was the last bald before Grassy Ridge. Jane Bald was a nice stop because we knew we were getting close and we could see how much farther we had to go ahead. The picture of Grumpy Cat is the last one of Jane Bald.
roanmtn 188 roanmtn 196 roanmtn 179roanmtn 252 roanmtn 182 roanmtn 200Of course, we brought Grumps with us to take some pictures. “Yargh! High Elevation!”roanmtn 232 roanmtn 221roanmtn 220Can you tell how windy it was at the top by the way my hood was flying around? It was seriously incredible! As we were walking from Jane to Grassy Ridge, I heard something behind me and I turned around and saw the dog above. He had got ahead of his owners and was climbing Roan like a champ! When we all got to the top he went crazy and started running all over Grassy Ridge. I was happy that I got a picture to show it. He was a cutie. The climb down was pretty exhausting and my feet were starting to bother me because I hadn’t broken in my shoes before our hike…oops. We rewarded ourselves with wood-fired pizza and a nap once we got back for the day. It felt great to go on a new adventure and go hiking with Chase!

If you missed me first two posts about Roan Mountain, here is the one about our cabin rental and here is the one on Round Bald. I’ll have another post from our trip to Roan High Knob later! Have a great week!


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