Roan Mountain: Round Bald

roanmtn 120During our first day hiking Roan Mountain we ventured to the Grassy Ridge Bald. The Grassy Ridge Bald is up 6,189 feet. Before you reach the Grassy Ridge Bald there are two other balds – Round Bald & Jane Bald. What is a “bald” you might ask? This was something I never knew of until this trip! It’s the top of the mountain that is bald, meaning no to very minimal trees. The views are incredible from the balds! Our second day of hiking was Roan High Knob (will have another post about that, and the other balds) and that one wasn’t as cool because you couldn’t see out even though it was a higher elevation.

roanmtn 118 roanmtn 125 roanmtn 132 roanmtn 135 roanmtn 152 roanmtn 140 roanmtn 164 roanmtn 165We spent a considerable amount of time at the Round Bald! It seemed to be the largest surface of them all. It was still cloudy when we reached Round Bald. As we ascended to the rest of the mountain, the clouds cleared up.  We ended up talking a bit with some students who were also on Fall Break from Knoxville and they were kind enough to take a picture of us.  The higher we went up, the colder and windier it got! This totally makes sense, but it through both of us off, especially at Grassy Ridge. We both ended up putting on a second layer as we climbed up. My hair is a mess in most of my pictures, but who cares, right?

I hope you enjoyed the second installment of photos from my trip! I’ll be sharing more later this week! Have a great Wednesday!


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