Roan Mountain: Cabin

roanmtn 317The end of last week leading to this past weekend was Fall Break for Ohio State. Chase & I ventured to Roan Mountain, Tennessee to get some time with nature and together. We hiked and explored the area while existing in a creative space together. I took soo many photos on our trip and am still figuring out how I am going to group them together for the blog. I also used the special effects on my camera for the first time, which is why my pictures have different filters on them. It was really funΒ to play around with them! I decided to start with where we stayed in Roan Mountain. Chase took care of all of the logistics for the trip and found us a little cabin to stay in.Β roanmtn 042 roanmtn 070 roanmtn 031 roanmtn 020 roanmtn 040The cabin we stayed in was perfect. It was fancier than what people normally think of a cabin in the woods. The master bath had a glass shower AND a soaking tub! I love taking baths and took one each night we were there. The cabin we stayed in was named “Fish Camp” and it was definitely clear through the decorations inside. Fish related things were scattered throughout the cabin. The cabin felt so cozy and was the best thing to come home to after a long day of hiking and being in the cold. Before we departed, we got some pictures together with my tripod in front of the cabin and in the surrounding areas.roanmtn2 050I should also note that the road leading up to the cabin was an interesting one! There were a couple properties that had animals grazing on the land all the way up the mountainside! One place even had an emu and a couple llamas! I wanted a picture of them, but they weren’t close to the fence when we drove by and I felt a little weird sneaking a picture of someone’s animal in a “foreign” place. But all-and-all, it was a very enjoyable stay in the mountains and I am looking forward to sharing more from the adventure later this week!

Have a great Tuesday!


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