Foodie Friday #6

Time for another Foodie Friday! This time, there is food from  Columbus, Cincinnati, Fostoria, Johnson City, and Louisville! These were some delcious meals and I’m excited to share them all. And for the first time since I started this, I don’t have a french toast in today’s mix. I do have mac n’ cheese, which has been another popular meal in this series.

1. Mac n’ Cheese & Sweet Potato Fries from The Crest Gastropub

After the OSU game on Saturday, my friends and I went out to eat at The Crest. It was my first time there and this place had been on my list for a while. We went to the Clintonville location. I actually had mac n’ cheese the night before, but it was so good that I decided I could have it again. The plate was sizzling when they brought it to the table. I loved the interior of the restaurant.

thecrest2. Mashed Potato Bowl from Revolution Rotisserie & Bar 

Oh my gosh. This was one of the best meals I have ever had. We stopped in Over-the-Rhine in Cincinnati on our way back from Louisville to grab dinner. One of the people in my group recommended this place. We had to wait a while for a place to sit, but man, it was so worth it. The picture doesn’t make it look particularly appetizing.


3. Quesadilla & Margarita from Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant 

My last Foodie Friday featured the restaurant we went to as a class the first time we visited Fostoria, Dell’s (see here). My class recently took our second trip to Fostoria. My group got there before everyone else, so we decided to grab some lunch at a different location. We were the only ones in the restaurant because of the odd time in the day. We all ended up getting margaritas and they were so delicious.


4. Sweet Potato Pancakes and Honeysuckle & Lavender Flip from Tupelo Honey Cafe 

So I have actually featured Tupelo Honey Cafe on Foodie Friday before (#2), but their food is so damn delicious that it was worth another mention. I’ve also included their amazing sweet potato pancakes in a blog post before when I wrote about Asheville, NC (see here). Chase and I visited the Johnson City location on the way to our weekend retreat in the mountains (where I’m currently at!). The Johnson City location has an incredible patio. It was the first time that I got a drinky-drink at THC, too! This place is definitely one of my favorite parts of coming south. 🙂


5. Smoked Ham & Cheese & Weisenberger Gouda Grits  with a beer from Against the Grain

THE BEST GRITS EVER. Seriously. The reason I ordered grits at THC is because I loved them so much at Against the Grain. I wish I would’ve ordered a larger size or another bowl. The sandwich was an average ham & cheese, but the grits were actually amazing. I can’t find the type of beer I ordered on their website, but it was a light beer. They had a cool chart on the wall of what was on draft.


I hope you enjoyed this Foodie Friday and have a great weekend!


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