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Exploring Downtown Jeffersonville

jeffersonville3I mentioned in my last post that we wandered around Downtown Jeffersonville, Indiana during our trip to Louisville. Jeffersonville is right across the river from Louisville and we took the pedestrian bridge into their downtown. We didn’t spend a ton of time in the area, but I still had time to snap these pictures. We did stop at Too Tired Bike & Bean to get some warm drinks. I got a chai latte, which is definitely becoming one of my favorite drinks.Β jeffersonville8jeffersonville5 jeffersonville7 jeffersonville6 jeffersonville2 jeffersonville1 jeffersonville4

The area is so cute! It’s a small downtown and it has some quirky characteristics, like that blue bike and the flowers bike rack. I liked howΒ they used parking spaces as outdoor eating areas and the small park downtown. As I usually say, I wish we could’ve spent more time in the area. We really only spent time in one area of the downtown, so I would’ve liked to go to the other end and go inside more shops. Also, it’s pretty cool that I can say that I was in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana all in one day πŸ™‚

Hope you have a great Tuesday!


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