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Exploring Louisville


I took a day trip to Louisville, Kentucky this past weekend with the city planning club I belong to at Ohio State. This was my first time exploring Louisville! Chase and I drove through before and I had said that I wanted to visit, so I was happy that the club picked it as our city trip this fall. We arrived around lunchtime and departed just before dinner (and caught dinner in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine district). That said, we didn’t actually spend that much time in the city. We got lunch at Against The Grain (will be featured in my next Foodie Friday!). We met up with some local planners on the pedestrian bridge, The Big Four Bridge. The bridge connects Louisville with Jeffersonville, Indiana, and I have another postΒ plannedΒ for next week on that area. Also, it’s important to note that it was so cold during our visit, especially on the bridge! It was about 50 degrees and incredibly windy, if you can’t already tell by my hair.

louisville6 louisville8 louisville9 louisville4 louisville7 louisville3 louisville2 louisville1 louisville10Once we walked back from Jeffersonville, we headed over to Fourth Street Live. Someone in our group requested that we visit a distillery of some-sorts, so we went to the Jim Beam store. They recently had their grand opening and offered free Bourbon testings every 10 minutes. They let everyone taste the same three and then you got to pick the fourth one of your choice. I’m not a huge fan of Bourbon, but I enjoyed the Jim Bean Honey BourbonΒ that I picked for my fourth choice. Besides the bridge and visiting Fourth Street Live with walking around, that’s basically all we did. I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t stay longer (I had a paper to write, which meant I couldn’t stay the night). But that means that I can go back and do more!

Have you ever visited Louisville? Comment something you did fun! I hope everyone has a great weekend! I’ll be going to the Buckeye game tomorrow!


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