What I Learned in a Year Without Pants

Remember when I announced I wouldn’t be wearing pants anymore? If you weren’t around for that, here is the post. I had actually stopped wearing pants at least a month prior, but hadn’t stated it on my blog until then. Well, today marks one whole year without wearing pants since I declared it on my blog! I thought it might be interesting to share what I learned within my pants-less year.

It’s possible to go a year without pants. It’s even possible in Columbus, Ohio! For those of you who might not know much about Columbus, we’re a Midwestern city and we get all the typical seasons. We also have experienced some pretty brutal winters the past few years. Brutal as in temperatures twenty degrees (Fahrenheit) below freezing or several feet of snow. I layered tights to keep comfortable during the colder weather and wore my fleece lined tights frequently. I wore leggings probably 10-15 days out of the year (in public), but they didn’t actually make me feel much warmer.

People will probably look at you strange. Most of my close friends knew I was not going to wear pants.  The average person I saw out in public probably thought I was insane, especially in the winter. I definitely got some strange looks. Several people even asked how I could manage by just wearing tights in the colder months.

yellowspringsaug 060Having clothes that work during multiple seasons is key. Sleeved dresses are so easy to mix-up between winter and summer! I added quite a few to my wardrobe this past year. Also, having plain colored shirts in long-sleeve and short-sleeve  options makes it easier to change between seasons. Plenty of fun tights is helpful too.

I’m more comfortable in dresses. Pants  bothered me before.  I hated the feeling of being compressed by pants on the days when my tummy was feeling bigger than normal. Dresses allow for so much more comfort. And if you’re worried about being active in dresses, just add some shorts underneath. I bike in dresses and skirts all the time and I wear spandex underneath.


The big realization I had during this year was that it wasn’t not wearing pants that I was aiming for, but rather dressing up and feeling my best everyday. Before, I would reach for jeans and grab a hoodie in the winter  because I was cold and it was comfortable. I would have days where I would never take off the hoodie and end up wearing the same variation of jeans/hoodies. In my opinions, dresses and skirts look kind of awkward with hoodies, so it forced me to dress up and dress smart. Dressing up makes me feel confident and allows me to express myself daily in what I wear. I think I will starting wearing  jeans and dress pants occasionally. I have some really fun pairs that I’m excited to dress up! I’m looking forward to sharing some outfit photos when I first start wearing them again, too. I haven’t quite figured out my fall wardrobe, so I think that will be a helpful addition.

What do you think?  Could you go without pants for an extended period of time?


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