What I Wore — Purple with Navy

navyandpurple8I kept my promise of posting!  These photos were snapped after Chase & I went to The Grandview Grind for a late-afternoon caffeine pick-me-up over the weekend. We shared some coffee cake and each got a pumpkin spice chai latte. I like pumpkin spice in chai’s, but not coffee – weird, right? We frequented the coffeehouse a couple summers back and we always get so nostalgic when we visit again.

navyandpurple4 navyandpurple6 navyandpurple5 navyandpurple3 navyandpurple1 navyandpurple7 navyandpurple2

Skirt: Second Chance ~ Shirt: Thirfted? ~ Shoes: Toms ~ Purse: One More Time ~ Bracelet: Melissa Woods Jewelry ~ Earrings: earring display at my salon ~ Coffee: Grandview Grind

These photos were taken in front of my old high school as we walked back from the coffee-shop. Funny story…this skirt is actually a dress. I purchased it for $9 at Second Chance a couple summers ago. I wore it as a dress for the first couple months that I had it, but I was constantly pulling the top up. When the straps that helped keep the top up broke off, I realized that it worked much better as a maxi-skirt. Have you every changed the use of a piece of clothing? This is one of my go-to outfits if I can’t think of what to wear or want something comfortable.

I hope you have a great Wednesday!


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