Monthly Recap

September 2015 Recap

Hey everyone, I’m back! Sorry for the long break between posts. I should have more content up this week! We’re near the middle of semester, which means school stuff has been consuming most of my time. I’m so glad it’s October. I had a rough September with the craziness of life and school making me overwhelmed, which lead to having a couple minor mental break downs (completely normal for senior in college, right?). I’m looking forward to diving more into fall this month and for school finally calming down.

Favorite Blog Posts: I didn’t post that much in September, only eight days in the whole month…ouch. I only had one outfit in the whole month, What I Wore — Artsy, and it was an outfit that I had been wanting to document for a while. I enjoyed sharing Exploring Downtown Fostoria on my blog and I’m happy to say that we are making more progress on our project for them. We actually took another trip up to Fostoria last week. Besides those two, I am really glad that I shared Urban Life & Anxiety. That post was in the works for a couple months and it feels good to have it published after so long. I’m also studying how emotions are impacted by the built environment for a research project this and next semester to better under stand my own emotions (this  project is a huge time consumer!).

idfestoutfit 008

Favorite Instagram Posts:

knowltonlibrary idfest victorian bodegadrink

Favorite Moments from September: adventures in my historic preservation class, seeing my favorite Victorian home on the inside (pictured above under Instagram posts), quality time with friends at OSU, singing in the worship band at my church

ohiojudicialcenter 044

Exciting Things Happening in October: my trip to Louisville (that occurred this past weekend!), fall break trip to the mountains, Homecoming football game at OSU, hopefully visiting a pumpkin patch or apple orchid, Halloween festivities

Like I said before, I’m looking forward to what this month has to offer! I’m hoping to get back into the consistency of posting, too. I hope everyone has a great Tuesday and that your October has gotten off to a good start!


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