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Ohio Judicial Center

One of the classes I am taking this semester is Historic Preservation. In the past few weeks , we have taken multiple site visits to historic properties and buildings. We visited the Thomas J. Moyer Ohio Judicial Center last week. Here is the link to it’s history in a nutshell. It’s funny because before the visit, I was never really fond of the building. I thought it was too box-y and didn’t really like how it was positioned right on the (under-construction) Scioto Mile. I can definitely say that I feel much differently about the building after learning about it’s rich history and the process of renovating it. Our first visit was actually at the firm who was partially in charge for renovating it – Schooley Caldwell Associates. Here is their page for the Ohio Judicial Center, which shows a wide angle of the whole building.

The Interior 
ohiojudicialcenter 001ohiojudicialcenterHR ohiojudicialcenter 014 ohiojudicialcenter 017 ohiojudicialcenter 021 ohiojudicialcenter 024 ohiojudicialcenter 011

Shots from the Interior Looking Outside

ohiojudicialcenter 022 ohiojudicialcenter 020

The Exterior 

ohiojudicialcenter 037 ohiojudicialcenter 044 ohiojudicialcenter 039

The detail inside is amazing! The craftsmanship and talent that it took to restore the infrastructure and art is outstanding. This building is open to the public, so if you’re in the Columbus area,  I would definitely take a peek inside one day. You’ll just need an ID and to go through security to get in. The Courtroom (featured in the second photo that doesn’t do it justice) is beautiful. The detail is overwhelming. My eyes couldn’t stop wondering around and finding new things to be amazed by. Definitely look into that room, it’s right off the main hallway, otherwise known as the Grand Concourse.

Stay tuned because I plan on having another post from a different visit coming soon to the blog! Hope you have a great weekend!


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