What I Wore — Artsy

idfestoutfit 008It’s been a while since my last outfit post! Something about this outfit makes me feel very artsy, which makes sense why I would wear it during Independents’ Day. I blogged about Independents’ Day last year, which you can read here. I won’t be doing a post this year because I just didn’t feel like spending my time photographing the event – taking it in was more important. Independents’ Day is basically a creative festival with visual and performing artists, as well as plenty of food and drink options and vendors set up selling a variety of things. So it makes sense that I wore an artsy outfit, right?

idfestoutfit 038 idfestoutfit 018 idfestoutfit 013 idfestoutfit 014 idfestoutfit 023 idfestoutfit 005

Shirt: Second Chance? ~ Shirt: second-hand shop in Seattle ~ Boots: Target

This is an outfit I have worn many times. Actually a couple times just to Franklinton. This top that I think I purchased at Second Chance a while back is actually a tunic, so I can be worn with pants or leggings. I had been hunting for a while for a  plain black skirt and when I found this in Seattle for less than $10, I was pretty stoked. Its simple, but I can be paired with some many tops. It also has great movement – thankfully, I was wearing bike shorts on Saturday before the wind was fiercely moving my skirt up! I recently bought my second pair the boots pictured. I wore them to death last year, so I figured I should get a new pair.

 I hope you have a great first day of Autumn!


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