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Open Streets 2015

openstreets4Last weekend I attended Open Streets Columbus. Open Streets closes roads for a few hours and let’s all the other modes take control! Biking, walking, dancing, playing are welcomed while temporary activities take over the lanes that are usually just for vehicles. Columbus closed down part of 4th Street, which is a rather busy area of downtown most days.

openstreets5openstreets3 openstreets2 openstreets8 openstreets1 openstreets7 openstreets6This year, my first year attending, the school club I am involved in had an area where we created an outdoor living room. We were asked to donate furniture for the cause. Chase and I walked around the last part of the event to check out all that it had to offer. There was someone playing music, people playing giant scrabble and jenga games, a rock-climbing wall, street vendors, and informational booths. I think bigger cities should do events like this more often so that people can really experience a city not congested by vehicles. In my search for grad schools, University of Iowa located in Iowa City, has an area of their downtown that is completely oriented toward pedestrians called Pedestrian Mall or “Ped Mall” by some. How awesome is that? More cities should take initiatives like that.


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