Defining Life Project

Defining Life Project: Definitions #96-100

Life is an endeavor of hardships and learning…then it’s a blast when you figure it out.  NIP

It’s all about makin’ fat stacks and rollin’ in the honnies, get rich or die tryin’.  DJS

Life is being able to live the way you want, with the people you love, and being able to experience new things everyday, and getting to know people that you either love forever or who will be apart of your life for a little while.  CMP

Life is like a bridge we have to cross and if we look down then it will start to fall apart. SMK

It’s sort of a mixture between casual sex and true love. That is all.  DLS


Wow! Can you believe it? I’ve shared 100 definitions of life on my blog. And what an interesting batch these are! Funny fact: the second and fifth definitions shared today are actually from two brothers. I don’t think both of them knew that they had both responded to my annoying Facebook messages (oh yeah, that’s how I got a lot of definitions!) at the same time with both definitions being  humorous. I think the last one can mean something deeper too if you really think about it that way, in my opinion. The definition about the bridge is really deep from view-point. To me, “looking down” could be getting hung up on the small stuff that can lead to feelings of anxiety and depression because I know I’ve experienced that.

Feel free to share if a definition connects to you in the comments! If you want to share your definition of life please email me at thevintageurbaniteblog[at]gmail[dot]com.

{To find out more about this project, click “Defining Life Project” at the top of my page or the Introduction}


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