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Exploring Downtown Fostoria

fostoria2I mentioned in my last Foodie Friday post that I was going to be sharing pictures from the site visit we took during a class, well here they are! I’m in a class this semester where we are developing a plan for the Fostoria, Ohio. Fostoria is about two hours northwest from Columbus and is close to Tiffin and Findlay. We will be focusing our plans on their downtown. We took a trip to the site because none of us had visited the area and we needed to know the environment before making any recommendations.

fostoria4 fostoria1 fostoria7 fostoria5 fostoria6 fostoria8 fostoria3

I’m really looking forward to developing the plans! We have brainstormed ideas as a group, and I know we all got ideas on the trip as well. Once our class finishes the plans we will present them to the city and see if they want to go through with implementation. It’s pretty exciting that work done within my undergrad career could become something in “real life”. I’m really thankful for the professional experience I have got while within the the Knowlton School. Last semester, we worked on a project for the Offinso North District in Ghana – that I have the opportunity to possible travel to implement over spring break. Anyway, I’ll probably share more updates later on in the semester when we do future visits!

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