Foodie Friday #5

Hey everyone! It’s been quiet on the blog this week  because I’ve been super busy with school work. I should be back to posting regularly next week. I have some cool posts planned for next week that include photos from a a site visit from class this week, so stay tuned for that!

1.Bacon & Bleu Burger & Sweet Potato Fries from Dell’s 

I will start my Foodie Friday out with the new restaurant I tried on our class visit to Fostoria, Ohio. My class is working on a plan for Fostoria and we took our first trip on Wednesday (which I’ll explain more about next week). We ate at Dell’s, which is a diner right in their downtown. It was a classic diner decorated with cool lunch boxes and banners printed with “Voted Best Sauce in…” scattered about. It’s a place that locals seem to hang out, but is also a great tourist destination. The burger was large and the sweet potato fries were awesome.


2. Bread Pudding French Toast topped with Berries & Whipped Cream and a Honey Bear Cocktail at Bodega 

This past weekend I had brunch with some friends after church in the Short North. I suggested we try Bodega because I stopped their on my pedal wagon tour, but didn’t try anything to eat. Little did we know that they had a fantastic brunch menu! I was the only one who got french toast (Foodie Friday tradition!) and everyone else got the chicken & waffles. This was the first time I ever had french toast made with bread pudding…SO GOOD. And the cocktail? SO GOOD. It’s probably my favorite mixed drink now. The honey bear cocktail contains OYO honey vanilla vodka (or Bourbon), ginger, mint, and lime.


3. Pulled Pork Tacos and Sunday Brunch Tea from Katalina’s

I’ve mentioned Katalina’s several times on the blog. Heck, I actually wrote an entire post devoted to their greatness – here. But, I normally get the same thing – pancake balls – which are delicious, but I wanted some variety my last visit. I had been craving tacos and decided to try theirs. I was pretty impressed! Chase got the breakfast tacos, which I ended up liking more. The corn cob was so tasty too! The iced tea is also one of my favorites. katalinastacos

4. Iced Coffee from Roosevelt Coffehouse

Just coffee? One reason I wanted to share Roosevelt Coffee on this Foodie Friday is I love their mission. They’re a non-profit coffee-shop in Downtown Columbus that benefits clean water, hunger, and human trafficking efforts. How sweet is that? I’ve been twice and the first time I got some iced tea and when I visited again I knew I had to try their coffee. It gave me quite the boost of energy to start my day.


 Hope you enjoyed this week’s Foodie Friday! Have a great weekend 🙂


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