Monthly Recap

August 2015 Recap

August flew by. Seriously. How is it September? August might have been my favorite month from the summer, and maybe of the whole year. I’m looking forward to what September will bring. Hopefully some cooler weather because it has been pretty humid here lately.

Favorite Blog Posts: My favorite style post from the month was definitely What I Wore — Different Dots. I loved all the pictures that Chase captured and that was such a fun day in Yellow Springs. Another favorite post from August of mine was Short Hair, Do Care. I put a lot of thoughts into that post, and got some positive feedback from people. I love being honest on this space and writing some deeper posts. I also LOVED the pictures from 4 Years. I’m so glad that we got some pictures together and could celebrate our anniversary together.

yellowspringsaug 057

Favorite Instagram Posts:

galleryhopaug pikachu

Favorite Moments from August: bike rides, anniversary adventure, back-to-school activities, adventure to Yellow Springs

Exciting Things Happening in September: OSU football games, Fall festivities, festivals (like Independent’s day!), Fall semester

I hope everyone has a great first day of September! πŸ™‚


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