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Urban Scrawl 2015

urban_scrawl 025

On Saturday, I attended Urban Scrawl – a free art festival located at 400 West Rich presented by the Franklinton Arts District.  If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, Franklinton might sound familiar. I’ve published a few posts about Franklinton here, so if you want to see some others search “Franklinton” or click here.  Artists painted murals all around while music played and food & drinks were being consumed by visitors. Some studios & galleries were also open to public within 400 West Rich. I think my favorite paintings are in the second and third photos. I like the sugar skull scene in the second and the train that is being finished by the woman on the ladder in the third.

urban_scrawl 007 urban_scrawl 021 urban_scrawl 026 urban_scrawl 023 urban_scrawl 014

Urban Scrawl was not only just a great event to watch art, but the people watching was pretty cool too. There were so many creative people at the event! Colorful and detailed tattoos, funky fashions, crazy hairstyles, and other outward things that showed how the people of Columbus are so creative & expressive! I could feel all of the creative energy around the place and it was inspiring. As a planner & blogger, I definitely consider myself an artist just like a painted or music performer – we’re all creating.

urban_scrawl 034 urban_scrawl 031 urban_scrawl 033 urban_scrawl 035 urban_scrawl 032

As my friend and I left the event, I wanted to get some pictures of the abandoned building across from 400 West Rich. This building has definitely seen some better days. The roof appears to be collapsed & many windows broken, but several art pieces are hung on the exterior – like the duck and urinals pictures. While taking pictures I noticed a little grey cat on the fire escape ladder (points if you can see him climbing down in the photo!). The little cat was so friendly! I snapped lots of picture of the little one who had a piece of tape on the collar that read “HAS A HOME”.  Even so, it was hard for me to leave the little critter.

I’m really glad I attended Urban Scrawl this year. It was my first time at the event. I remember wanting to attend last year, but something must have happened to prevent me from going. It’s so great to see the arts flourish in my city and to see how they benefit an area in revitalization.

I hope you have a great start to your week!


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