Back-To-School: Senior Year

Today is my first day of my senior year of college! Wow time flies.

Last night, I felt kind of melancholy. I’m not sure completely why either. Maybe I’m a little disappointed that summer is ending and more disappointed how my summer didn’t go as planned in some ways. It also felt strange to have a pretty chill day before my schedule starts to pick up, but I’m super thankful I did have it. It was the calm before the storm.

The passion I had for planning before is finally being lit again. Once I got back from Seattle, I was pretty beat. It was a lot of information and networking to take in such a short time span.  I’m looking forward to learning new things this semester. I’m doing an undergraduate thesis, which will take place the next two semesters, and although it will probably be one of the most challenging things I’ve done, I’m looking forward to the final product and return of knowledge. Because of the thesis and my class/work load, this semester will probably be the most stressful one of my life. I’ve done the whole “2 part-time jobs and school full-time” thing six other semesters, so I know I can handle it.


Something that keeps hitting me with this being my last year of undergrad is where I’ll be this time next year. I plan to eventually go to grad school, but I definitely want at least one year off. I’m also planning on staying in Columbus for at least one more year, but I want to get out within the next five years. It’s crazy to have the future that unknown.

Blog readers, things might get a little rocky sometimes because school has to come first, but I don’t have any plans on giving up on this space! This space has been one of the most rewarding spaces of my summer and I am loving how it is developing. I love being a blogger. I hope I can keep up posting regularly!

I hope all the other college students in the blog world have a great first day as well! Happy Tuesday!


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