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4 Years

4years2Last week, Chase & I celebrated our four year anniversary. Can you believe that – four whole years?! It’s crazy to think we started dating when I was starting my senior year of high school and now I’m entering my senior year of college this week. We’ve certainly been through a lot these past four years and I’m very thankful to have someone to share experiences & go through life with.

We didn’t get to spend our three year anniversary together last year because Chase was doing a program for school. Actually, we couldn’t even communicate because he was out hiking in the mountains without technology. So, it was extra special to be able to spend our anniversary together this year! We ended up taking pictures together with my tripod and I really looove how they came out! I even printed some out this past weekend.

4years3 4years4 4years6 4years7

Can I brag for a second? Chase is awesome in many ways, but one way that’s special about this space (my blog) is that he helps me out so much. Whether it be taking my outfit photos (because he’s basically taken all of them with no past photo experience) or editing my writing for more detailed posts (hooray for English majors!). He not only helps me with photos and editing, but he has also supported me while starting and developing this space. It can be stressful managing everything on my plate and this space is important to me, so I’m so thankful to have a partner that supports me in everything I do.

I hope that everyone can find “their person” because I’m pretty thankful about mine. 🙂 Have a great start to the week!


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