What I Wore — Vintage Blue & Polette (Plus a Giveaway!)

polette7Polette offered me a pair of their E-Polette glasses and write up a review to share with you all. Polette is the leader in the online optical french market and sell lenses from $9.99 to $75.00. I picked the E-Joplin frames because they are vintage-inspired. I thought the vintage frames were a great pick for me since I am the “vintage urbanite” & I love the tortoiseshell design. The shapes of the frames are just quirky enough to fit my sense of style :). E-Polette frames are built for those constant hours glued in front of our phones, computers, and even televisions. The frames reflect the light, so that the glare that causes eye strain is minimized.  I am surprised how much of a difference I have noticed! I think of them as my “computer sunglasses” – they stop the harmful technology rays from hurting my eyes. I have been wearing them all day at my office job and while I do things on the computer at home, like writing this blog post! I would definitely recommend them to others that use a computer often and have eye strain issues at the end of the day. I’m excited to use them when I begin working on my professional portfolio and have to spend long hours editing on the computer.

polette2 polette4 polette1 polette3 polette8

Glasses: c/o Polette Eyeware ~ Dress: One More Time ~ Shoes: Toms

I thought my vintage-inspired frames would go great with this vintage dress that I picked up at last weekend’s sidewalk sale at One More Time. One More Time is one of the great consignment shops in my neighborhood! I managed to find this dress and another for just $4 each – what a steal! I actually saw the dress at the store earlier this summer, but wasn’t in the mood for spending – glad I waited for it to be on sale! I paired the dress with my Toms sandals, which have been featured in quite a few of my blog posts.


Are you ready for a giveaway?! The great people at Polette have offered to give one of my readers a free pair of eye glasses of their choice. You’ll have 10 days to enter, so the giveaway will end on August 28th.

To enter:

  • Follow Polette on Instagram and Twitter, and like them on Facebook (@poletteeyeware). If you don’t belong to all of those platforms, follow the ones you do belong to.
  • Follow my blog, The Vintage Urbanite, with your WordPress username or  your email
  • Comment on this post with the pair you would like from Polette’s website & included an email for contact

Good luck with the giveaway! Have a great Tuesday!


19 thoughts on “What I Wore — Vintage Blue & Polette (Plus a Giveaway!)

    1. Didnt realize there was a giveaway when I read this! I l was wanting tsome of the wooden sunglasses but they were all out! The Impact Black are my second favorite though 🙂

  1. Wow these are awesome! I wish I knew about the e-polette glasses last year when I was working on my portfolio. My sister has been complaining about her glasses lately now that she works at an office computer all day. I will definitely have to tell her to get one as well! Thanks Ashley, I wouldn’t have known about these if not for you:)

    (PS. This is Sarah)

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