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Short Hair, Do Care

I’ve had the idea for this post for a while and I don’t know why I didn’t sit down to write it sooner. I actually had the idea after writing this post because I had just gotten my hair cut and I was still getting used to it being as short as it was. I thought “Short Hair, Do Care” was fitting because you always hear people saying that after they’ve had it cut short or if someone is showing off their long locks they use #longhairdontcare.


Want to hear my hair story? I had long, dirty-blonde hair most of my life until I started working at the salon the summer before my junior of high school. Below is a picture of me on my 16th birthday – about a year and half before I started working at the salon. The two exceptions were when I was just a baby – I was born with dark brown/black hair and it suddenly all fell out and in came the blonde (crazy stuff, right?!) & when I cut my hair really short in fourth grade and was constantly referred to as a boy. That second experience was rather painful, so I had basically stayed away from anything above the shoulders. I felt really confident about my decision to cut my hair then, but because of the way I dressed and how short my hair was people questioned my gender at such a young age. I definitely was more of a “tom-boy” then, but it still hurt.


Fast forward to when I started at the salon. When I started, I had never dyed my hair and was content with the length. After a couple months of working, I got my first cut with the stylists – nothing crazy, just a nice trim. In the coming months, I ended up getting more cuts and they continued to cut more and more off. The summer after my junior year, I had got a pretty short hair cut for the summer, probably my first true pixie cut. I remember going out to dinner with a friend of mine and she said something like “I hope people don’t think we’re lesbians” because of my short hair. Why does hair have to define sexuality and gender in our culture? I ended up getting my first color job later in the summer, just some simple highlights. I had always wanted auburn hair, and we ended up diving into redder and darker colors the more my hair was colored. When I started college, I wanted to grow it out, but ended up coming back to the short hair my second semester at OSU. My trip to London actually inspired me to go back to a shorter length.


I absolutely love my hair short. I also love experimenting with color, which is why you’ve seen posts where my hair purple a couple times this summer. I’m actually in the mood for something new with my color and maybe the cut because I’m about to start my senior year of college (!!!). Can I tell you something?  Since starting at the salon and experimenting with my hair (and make-up), my confidence has grown tremendously. It’s not the idea of being made-up that has made me more confident, it’s that the changes have made me feel more like me.  Each time they cut more length off my hair or go a different shade, I have to do a readjustment to my confidence levels. A lot of people use their hair as a security blanket, part of that probably goes back to that sexuality and gender assumptions. I feel more like myself with short hair than I ever did with long hair (plus I hated the static problem in the winter!).


Hopefully this post doesn’t come off as superficial to some people because I’m not a fake person. Beauty isn’t everything and my hair is not the only thing that has grown my confidence. I think it’s important to embrace who we are and beauty & style are great ways showcase that. I don’t cut & dye my hair or dress up for anyone else, it’s for me and it makes me feel good.  And as a final thought about that gender and sexuality thing I stuck in a few times, just don’t make assumptions on someone’s gender or sexuality because they change their hair.

Feel free to share your feelings about my thoughts & your hair story! Have a nice weekend, y’all 🙂


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