What I Wore — Flowers & Different Walls

differentwalls 002
Before I went to work earlier this week, Chase & I walked to Stauf’s so I could get some iced coffee. My usual has been an iced coffee with a shot of butterscotch syrup -yum! There happens to be a bunch of different colored exterior walls on buildings along the way, so we managed to get these outfit pictures. The really colorful one is my favorite wall and has been featured in some other outfit posts. I think the owners painted it when it was a gallery/studio and shop. The business has since relocated, but the current tenants kept the exterior all bright and colorful. It was a little weird taking pictures while people were working inside since in the past we took the photos in the evening.

differentwalls 008differentwalls 019

differentwalls 022 differentwalls 020differentwalls 014differentwalls 024Shirt: Second Chance ~ Top: From a Friend ~ Shoes: Toms ~ Coffee: Stauf’s

Second Chance, my favorite consignment shop that I have mentioned several times on this blog, had their huge end of summer sale this past weekend. They set up racks outside where you can find items for just a couple bucks. I went when the sale started last Friday morning and found 2 dresses and this skirt and I ended up only spending $2 because I had a coupon for $5 off of any purchase – what a deal! I also got 2 other dresses for just $8 total at another consignment shop in the area.Β I’m excited to show the other items I picked out in other blog posts! The top is a hand-me-down from a friend and the shoes are my navy and white polka dot Toms.

Have a great Thursday!


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