What I Wore — Different Dots

yellowspringsaug 062

This past weekend Chase & I took a day trip to Yellow Springs. We both wanted to get out of the city and onto our bikes. First, we walked downtown and visited the usual shops. There happened to be a festival going on close by that made the town pretty busy. I’ve been struggling with my anxiety more recently (more on that soon), so I didn’t want to spend a lot of time in the urban setting. Before hopping on our bikes, I spotted the penguin mural & colorful clay walls below and Chase snapped the outfit pictures. Man, I love all these photos. Sometimes when we shoot, I’m only a fan of a few photos, but I love all these and the ones that didn’t make the cut on here. We ended up biking close to sixteen miles. Yellow Springs has some great bike trails! We found the corn field on the edge of the bike path (& were destroyed by bugs).

yellowspringsaug 038

yellowspringsaug 047

yellowspringsaug 051

yellowspringsaug 053

yellowspringsaug 057

yellowspringsaug 056

yellowspringsaug 060

yellowspringsaug 063

Dress: Ohio Thrift ~ Jewelry: Red Giraffe Designs ~ Shoes: Toms

I purchased this dress (yeah, it’s not separate pieces!) at a thrift store a couple weekends ago. I didn’t spend much time in the store because I was by myself and my anxiety was acting up. When I went to the fitting rooms, the doors wouldn’t lock…so I ended up trying it on over the dress I was already wearing. I’m glad I got it. It’s originally from Target. I love the different dots and the collar. I paired it with my Earth Day Toms, which have a colorful map of the world as the design. Lastly, I wore my “Ohio is for Lovers” necklace  (similar, Kate can probably custom make you one like mine) & silver stud earrings (love these- similar in gold) are by Red Giraffe Designs.

I hope you have a great Wednesday!


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