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Traveling Toms Tuesdays | Johnson City, TN

Remember how I said we drove to Florida in late June/early July? On our way back we were able to stop for the night in Clemson, South Carolina for the night (see this Traveling Toms post) and we ended up stopping in Johnson City, Tennessee for lunch. We picked Johnson City for basically two reasons: 1) Chase was curious since we always drive by the town and the exit and 2) it is a place that has a restaurants that is one of our favorites – Tupelo Honey Cafe.  We had only been to the THC in Asheville, North Carolina (several times over our few visits) and it’s something we miss being up north. I reviewed our meal there on this Food Friday. The restaurant was right outside the town. It was a beautiful building with one of the biggest patios I have ever seen that wraps around the front and has a larger seating on the side (see the second photo). I snapped the Traveling Toms photo from their deck.

tt_johnsoncity johnsoncity2After finishing our meal (which left us very stuffed), we decided to walk around the town. Boy, it was small. We were able to walk around most of the town in less than thirty minutes. It was a Sunday when we were there and even though THC was hopping, the town seemed rather dead. Not many people were out and about. There were several vacant store fronts that we passed, which added to the depressing vibes.

johnsoncity3 johnsoncity1 johnsoncity6 johnsoncity7 johnsoncity4 johnsoncity8 johnsoncity9 johnsoncity10


Despite the depressing feeling, the downtown had some great characteristics! I love old signs that have faded on buildings, like the one with Chase and the Coca-Cola sign. The architecture on the urban buildings was really cool, but needed some definite TLC to be brought back to use-able conditions.  This fall, my studio (which is our professional experience class that is 6 credit hours, instead of the normal 3) is revitalizing Downtown Fostoria. I feel like it could be very similar to Johnson City. I don’t know much about either city, so I could be making some bad judgements. I’ll report back once I find out! Anyway, we enjoyed our lunch and small adventure around Johnson City – it was also our second city visited in Tennessee!

I hope you have a great Tuesday!


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