3 Years with the Kitties

Yesterday marked three years since I brought my little kittens home. As I write this I am currently battling one of them who keeps trying to lay on my lap as I type in bed – she wants late night cuddles and I’m trying to make the blog a priority. When I brought Picka and Polka home they were much smaller, scared of my house, and not as lovey-dovey. They are both bigger (especially Polka), seem to like my house (favorite places include my bed, under the couch, and windows), and lovey-dovey cats (which they show through cuddles and meows).

I’m pretty thankful for the kitties, even though it can be stressful owning two small animals sometimes. Β Stressful as in finding a place in the future that doesn’t have the somewhat evil “no pets” sign and generally including them in future, unknown plans. But they provide loads of comfort, love, entertainment, and happiness.


Polka Dot Dos, I love that you are my shadow. You follow me around like no other cat I have had before. And although it can be annoying when you cry when I lock you out of the bathroom, you just want to be my side (even if I am in the shower or on the toilet – TMI?). I like your ability to find bugs and now eat them. Thank you for curling up with me on the couch during HGTV marathons. And lastly, I am thankful for our conversations because with you being my shadow means you talk to me constantly.


Pickachu Squeak, I love your cuddles. I can always expect you to climb up on me before bed like you do (right on my collar bone). I appreciate when you keep me company, whether it be like late night blog sessions (now) or studying for finals – both explain the cat hairs present in my keyboard. I love your playfulness. You let me start little play fights and go along with them. I’m also thankful for your coming out more when I have friends over because let’s face it, new people are scary.

I realize that I probably sounds like a complete crazy cat lady by posting this, but I don’t care. Critters are important to me and mine our extra special. Feel free to share something special about your pet below or even a picture!


2 thoughts on “3 Years with the Kitties

  1. We hijacked our mom’s phone to say hi to our sisters!

    We’re so glad you have such a happy life and such a great mom!

  2. I tried to make the sender “Jack and Leo” but it didn’t come through. The sentiment remains the same. So glad we have such wonderful, loving pets from the same litter!

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