What I Wore — Simple Style

How about another outfit post this week? I took these photos last week after work in my backyard. I was losing daylight as I took them, as you see they are a little on the dark side. These photos were also the first time I used my new tripod! I had been wanting a tripod for a while and once the Amazon Prime sale hit, I snagged this one. Β I like how light weight it is and how it can be condensed for travel. Β I’m excited that I can now take my own outfit photos instead of having Chase take a majority of them, even if I get weird looks from my neighbors while doing it.







I love how simple this outfit is. Throughout the summer, I have done variations of this outfit – a striped tee with a plain colored skirt and some accessories. It’s one of those outfit combinations that makes you feel good by it being so simple, you know? The top is a couple years old from Old Navy and the skirt is originally from Target, but I got it second hand. The sandals (my new favorite shoes) are by Toms (here is a similar pair).

What’s yourΒ favorite “simple style”? I hope everyone has a great Thursday!


3 thoughts on “What I Wore — Simple Style

  1. My style on perpetual duty is jeans w/ t-shirt or plain, classical shirt. With or without (leather) belt. I remember wearing this combination with pleasure since I was a teenager, some 20 years ago πŸ™‚

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