Adventure · Columbus

Battelle Metro Park

As I mentioned in the last post, Chase and I visited Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park this weekend. We both hadn’t been to the park. We started in the part of the park where there are several picnic and camping areas, but explored further to find the bison. The bison are beyond the Nature Center. We saw eight bison when we visited. They ended up being a little further away than we both wanted, but I understand the distance precaution. We ended up walking down a path that lead us to the creek. We got attacked by buggies, so we didn’t stay too long. On our walk back it started to rain and then it poured as we left the park. battelle2






battelle7The Nature Center, seen in the last photo, was really cool! We decided to hide out in the building after getting rained on. We were surprised how fun it actually was. We played with the interactive displays, looked in the aquarium and animal busts. It was a nice to take a new adventure in a park that felt very different from the city. It’s crazy to me how close to the urban center and I had never ventured out to it. The park was only thirty minutes away from the city, which is a pretty reasonable compared to some other parks in Central Ohio. I would have liked to explore of the park if it weren’t for the rain and humidity. I hope to check it out again, maybe in the spring or fall!


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