What I Wore — White with Flowers

This past weekend, my boss told me how she took a gardening class and they stopped at Battelle Metro Park. Battelle is just over seven thousand acres and is home to eight bison, and it happens to be just thirty minutes outside of the city. I took some pictures of the park itself (coming later) and Chase snapped these outfit pictures as well.  Notice the storm clouds brewing? We ended up getting poured on as we left the park!









I bought this dress at Second Chance to wear when I was on vacation, but when we arrived I realized it had a rip in the chest area. Since I buy second hand a lot, I know to look over clothes before I buy them. Usually I do not have many problems, but I found a rip on the back when I bought it and they kindly took the price down. When I realized there was a second rip (after I fixed the first before we left), I was disappointed. I fixed it to wear it out this weekend and I’m glad I didn’t let the rips deter me from wearing it since it is such a beautiful dress. White is not a color I usually pick, but this was so pretty with the flowers that seemed like watercolors. I love the back of the dress, especially how it goes with my tattoo. I paired it with the black oxfords I got thrifting a while back (for $5!), a purse I got in London, and an old beaded black necklace.

I hope you have a great Tuesday!


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