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Foodie Friday #3

Ready for another Foodie Friday post?! These meals span over the past month and half, and I happened to keep up with the trend of featuring french toast in each post!

1. Coconut French Toast from South of Lane

This was the most recent visit. Chase and I ate at South of Lane last weekend. I had heard about it and I biked by it the night before when I was exploring the neighborhood. It’s in Upper Arlington, off of their little downtown/mall strip. The restaurant is only open for breakfast and lunch, but also hosts special events later in the day. It is a cute storefront that also doubles as a vintage store. We actually met the owner while eating our breakfast and she was delightful. Chase and I both got french toast, but two different kinds, he got Bourbon pecan french toast while I went with the special of coconut. It was absolutely delicious. It was probably the most filling french toast we both have had.


2. Coconut Pancakes and an Apple & Swiss Omelet from Jack & Benny’s

Jack & Benny’s had been in my food-passport (a book of restaurants I want to visit) and it’s a campus hot-spot.  Chase and I ventured out one morning when it poured rain all day. My basement actually flooded that day (not good), but I also purchased my camera that day (good). Jack & Benny’s is a diner style restaurant that was packed on the Saturday morning we went. We both got pancakes and omelets. The swiss & apple omelet was kind of strange, but I am glad I tried it. The coconut pancakes were so yummy! I should make pancakes with coconut flakes more often. Can you tell I have a thing for coconut?


3. Barry White & Dessert Pizza from Bono Pizza

Bono Pizza is right around the corner from my house and I had heard about it from a couple people. It’s tucked away in an apartment complex, so it’s not as well known as some other pizza joints. The rainy day that I just mentioned above was when we tried this place. Two new food places in one day? Score! We double-dated with another couple. We each got a pizza to share and then we all shared the dessert pizza. While we waited for our food we played in the game room. The restaurant is attached to a bar, and they share some of the same space. The pizzas were a little on the small side, but were really flavorful. The dessert pizza was crazy good.



4. My Creation Pizza from Pizza Cucinova 

Pizza Cucinova is a frequent stop for me. It’s pretty close to my place as well (I live around a lot of great restaurants!). What I like about it is you can create your own wood-fired pizza for only $8 and it takes about 5 minutes to cook. I usually put sausage, green peppers, and a bunch of cheeses on mine with the garlic oil sauce. The pizza pictured was one I crafted before Chase and I made the sixteen hour drive through the night to Florida. I highly recommend this place because the price and food quality is solid.


 I hope you enjoyed this addition of Foodie Friday filled with breakfast foods and pizza! Have a great weekend 🙂


2 thoughts on “Foodie Friday #3

    1. That’s such a good idea! We will sometimes split something sweet to enjoy something savory on our own. Although, I tend to gravitate toward the sweet stuff more 🙂
      -Ashley, The Vintage Urbanite

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