What I Wore — Jean Romper

I remember shopping in high school with a friend and among the clothes that I tried on was a romper. I wasn’t too enthusiastic about how it looked and my friend commented that it looked odd on my body because I have a rather long torso and longer legs. Since then, I have kind of sworn them off. As of recently, with rompers becoming more trendy again, I have wanted to give them another try. I looked while I was on vacation, but didn’t have any luck. This past weekend I was passing out flyers for an event my area commission is hosting at local shops in my area and I stopped in the Alternative Shop. I dropped off a flyer and invited the owner to the event and looked around. While hunting through the dress section, my usual go-to, I spotted a cute jean romper. I tried it on and I was sold! It was only $8 too!









I really love this romper. It is comfortable and I think it fits nice everywhere. It’s a little annoying when you go to the bathroom because you basically have to get completely undressed and redressed every time, but it was a great outfit for the warm weather we got this weekend! I have had a thing for jean clothing, so it’s fitting I found a jean romper. It was even comfortable to bike in! I paired it with my new sandals that I purchased during a surprise sale at Toms (now sold out, but here is a similar pair). The purse was purchased at A Little Simplicity, a local shop in Downtown Delaware. I loove this shop! They have great handmade items from Ohio makers and the design of the shop is wonderful. I had been wanting a purse like this and was happy to find it when I visited the local shop last semester. Hopefully this isn’t TMI…but not pictured is a black bandeau I got while on vacation. Bandeaus are awesome! I got two while on vacation (here is a similar one from Forever 21, mine is actually lacey in the back). They are great for summer and it’s so nice to have a strapless bra that doesn’t fall down all the time…sorry, but it happens! Overall, this is a perfect summer outfit for me.

I hope you have a great Wednesday! What do you think of rompers?


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