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Traveling Toms Tuesdays | Sebastian Inlet, FL

Ready to see some beach pictures?! When I was on vacation in Melbourne, Florida we visited a new beach, Sebastian. The Sebastian Inlet is about thirty minutes from Melbourne. We try to visit new beaches when we visit because each has their own personality. Sebastian was more touristy than some other beaches, but we also went on a peak beach day – the Friday before the 4th. I took two Traveling Toms photos while in Sebastian, the first on the beach and the second at the docks by Squid Lips.


tt_sebinl (2)We didn’t bring swim attire, so we walked around the pier and the beach. On our walk back to the car we found two turtles! I was pretty excited to take some pictures of them and they didn’t really run away from me either. The first turtle was eating some lunch πŸ™‚







After enjoying the sun, we went to Squid Lips for drinks. I got the Squid Ink because I had been wanting a blue cocktail since I turned 21. It was pretty delicious! It was cool to enjoy our drinks from the water since all the windows were open on the outside on the restaurant (which caused the lighting to be weird in the picture below).


ocean2_sebinlIt was a nice adventure! It was great to enjoy the weather in Florida. I was not used to the heat because it had been rather rainy in Columbus at that point in the summer (but it’s finally turning around this week!). Chase and I will visit his mom again in the winter, which will make the Florida weather much more enjoyable since it will probably be icy cold and snowy in Columbus.

I hope you enjoyed my beach Traveling Toms post! Have a great Tuesday!


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