What I Wore — Navy with Flowers (& Purple Hair)

PURPLE HAIR! Last Thursday night, I used the violet conditioner I have for the second time. I am definitely more impressed with the color and how it is holding this time! The first time I did it was around my birthday and it didn’t last very long, the color was too dark, and it was hard to tell in certain lights. Since then, my hair has lightened and faded, which made the color pop more! I have been wanting to go purple for a while and the color conditioner is nice because you just use it like a deep conditioner (let it sit on after you shower, rinse out) and you don’t have to bleach your hair. Chase and I biked to Moonlight Market on Saturday and I asked him to take some outfit pictures of me to show off my new color.

Columbus_Nightout_outfit 021

Columbus_Nightout_outfit 001

Columbus_Nightout_outfit 003

Columbus_Nightout_outfit 018

Columbus_Nightout_outfit 012

Columbus_Nightout_outfit 020

All the photos, except the bottom two, were taken off of the bike path that leads into downtown. I have snapped some pictures there before and the skyline makes an excellent backdrop. The bottom two photos were taken at Moonlight Market in Pearl Alley. As Chase was taking just photos of me, a group walked by and a woman asked if we wanted a photo together instead of just solo shots of me, I tried to explain how it was for my blog and Chase made a silly comment about we just get photos of me. I am really pleased with the photo of us though! The framing of the picture is great and we both look good in my opinion.

Columbus_Nightout_outfit 033

Columbus_Nightout_outfit 026

Now to the outfit! The dress was actually featured in my First Blogiversary post and it is from Second Chance. The tied up top is from Old Navy and was actually featured in two other outfit posts (here and here). I decided to try something different by tying it and I really like the look! The shoes are from Toms and the sparkly ring is something I recently purchased at Urban Emporium in Bexley. Urban Emporium is a local shop in Bexley that has some great stuff! It’s one of those stores that I could buy almost everything.

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday – we’re half way through the week! What do you think of my look and my hair color?


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