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Traveling Toms Tuesdays | Clemson, SC

Time for another Traveling Toms post! Today’s post is from our trip to Clemson, South Carolina. Chase & I stopped at Clemson for the night on our drive back from Florida. We drove to Florida in just one day (we left one evening and arrived in the afternoon), and after realizing again how difficult that is, we made the trip back in two days. When we have done this before, we have stopped in Asheville, North Carolina (one of our favorite places), but we wanted to visit somewhere new. We picked Clemson because I was interested in Clemson University for grad school. The Traveling Toms photo was taken on campus.

tt_clemsonWhen we arrived at Clemson late Sunday night, we were SO hungry. We hadn’t ate a meal since we left Florida and after eight and half hours in a car, we definitely built up a hunger. Our options weren’t looking great. We both aren’t huge fast food people. We asked the woman working the front desk and she told us to try Cook-Out since she noticed we were from Ohio and they don’t have them there. Cook-Out was just what we needed. Even though it was a fast food place, I thought it was better than average. We got a lot of food for just $14 (including shakes since we were both craving them!) and we didn’t feel sick (why I don’t eat fast food).








We only had a little bit of time to see Clemson, but we explored the campus early before we made the drive back to Ohio. We parked at the visitors center and asked them how to get to the building that has the city planning department, Lee Hall. We ended up taking a bit of a detour, but we got to see more of the campus this way. It was fun taking pictures around the stadium and imaging attending football games as a graduate student at a new school with new conference! I especially like the one I got above with one of the tiger statues 🙂





I liked the set up and courtyard of Lee Hall a lot! We weren’t able to go inside of the building, but I loved how the glass windows looked out onto the courtyard. The studio spaces were right up against the window, which would be sweet! The wooden structures were really cool and there were a couple gardens within them. I’m beginning to realize what I am looking for in a graduate program for planning, and I am not exactly sure if Clemson has everything I am looking for in their program. The City of Clemson is also a little on the small side for me (just around 13,000). I definitely want something smaller than Columbus for my next location, but I don’t really want to go that small or a city that is so centered around being a college town. Although, I still did enjoy visiting Clemson. If I wouldn’t have visited I wouldn’t have known some of these things and it was a nice campus. I plan on doing some more research about grad school and the next city I want to be in over the next year, and with that will come more exploring of new places!

Have a great Tuesday!


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