Foodie Friday #2

Time for the second Foodie Friday! Today’s post features three different places we tried during vacation. We didn’t eat out too much because we enjoy getting some good home cooking while visiting Chase’s mom (she’s one of the best cooks I know!), but I did enjoy these meals.

1. Key Lime Pie in a Coconut from Billie’s

It was my first time at Billie’s this trip! Billie’s has some great options for lunch and it’s right on the beach. We actually went there twice throughout the week – the first time for lunch and the second time for this pie. They were out of it when we went for lunch, so we treated ourselves after a day outing to a new beach. It was so good! I didn’t think I liked key lime pie because when I had it before the flavor didn’t really grab me, but this guy changed my mind. It was so sweet, but the perfect treat after a warm day because it was chilled a bit.


 2. Stuffed French Toast from Scrambled Egg Cafe 

It’s funny because french toast was actually featured on my last Foodie Friday, but this one is different than the other I had previously. This french toast was stuffed with cream cheese and had chocolate and berry sauce drizzled all over it with fruit throughout. Chase’s mom really wanted to take us to this restaurant while on the trip because it was her go-to breakfast spot and I would definitely go back.


3. Biscuits, Fried Chicken, Mac n’ Cheese, Sweet Potato Fries, & Rosemary-Peach Lemonade from Tupelo Honey Cafe

Chase and I stopped in Johnson City, Tennessee on our way home to Ohio from Clemson, South Carolina to see the town and eat lunch at Tupelo Honey Cafe. We had only been to the Asheville, North Carolina location and were in love with this place (I know I’ve mentioned it before on here!). I really wish we had one of these closer. I usually get their sweet potato pancakes (SO GOOD!) and considered getting them again this time, but I figured I would try something new. Being from the Midwest/Northish, this meal was totally Southern comfort food. Their biscuits are to die for. I would also love to try something off their drink menu next time because I didn’t really want to because I was going to be in the car for six more hours. I couldn’t recommend this place enough, so get your butt to one of their ten locations!



I hope everyone has a great weekend filled with tasty food like these guys!


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